Metahumans vs Werewolves by A.P. Fuchs

Praise for volume two of the ongoing Metahumans Series with Metahumans vs Werewolves.

Quite some time ago, when I read the enjoyable Metahumans vs the Undead, I figured that it was just a one-time, stand-alone anthology. Boy was I wrong…and I’m glad I was wrong, too.

Metahumans vs Werewolves delivers action, mystery, and horror, via diverse storylines. No two werewolves are alike, either: they’re ghostly, furry, white, silver, brown, black, large, larger, and largest; feral, clever, and cerebral; new, old, and ancient.

The same goes for the heroes. All types are present: the dark vigilante (with and without powers), the subhuman-like, the mutant, those with gadgets, those with magic (those with both), the supernatural, the futuristic and technological, the afflicted, the golden age, and the mild-mannered, super-gifted.

Something else I noticed about the Metahumans Series didn’t come to me until after I’d purchased volume two. These stories (these books), in my opinion, seem to be like a new era of pulp…maybe a revival…a sort of tribute to yesteryear, possibly. Even something about the wonderful artwork makes me think of those now priceless covers from long ago. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know…but, if I’m right about the tribute, then it is a tribute done well. Congratulations to the artists, writers, editors, and all who were responsible for putting together such a nice piece of treasure.

—Review by T.W. Johnson