Axiom-man No. 1 (Comic Book) by A.P. Fuchs

When I was a kid, I loved watching any superhero-themed cartoon or show that came on TV. Strangely enough, other than coloring books, I never actually saw them in print. The only comic books I remember seeing were about Archie and his friends. I didn’t even know about comic book stores or hobby shops for that matter. They just didn’t seem to exist in the area where I lived. For some reason, I don’t remember seeing them in retailers like K-Mart, either. Of course, that was long, long ago, so maybe they just eluded me. Either that or I wasn’t looking in the right places. However, in 1993, I begin collecting mainstream comics at a little convenient store every now and then for about a year or so.

These days I’ve been reading A.P. Fuchs’s Axiom-man novels, and this indie-created character has now easily replaced Superman, Batman, and Spider-man, who were once three of my all-time favorite characters. Were A.P. Fuchs a superhero himself, one of his powers would probably be vast fortitude, because that’s what it takes to single-handedly run a company that not only has published for others, but for himself as well. This Axiom-man comic is just an example of one person’s determination (and love of the art) to make his creation available for others to enjoy.

—Review by T.W. Johnson