Ordinary Folk by Kat Heckenbach

As most always, my review will be brief with no spoilers (I personally hate spoilers—reading or writing them—and try to avoid them like the plague. When I want info, I’ll read a book’s summary, which is enough for me; unless, say, it’s a book about reviews, which is different). Anyway, for part of my Halloween reading list, I gave Kat Heckenbach’s Ordinary Folk a shot and found it quite intriguing. She managed to put a new, unique twist on a classic horror character. Packed within this little yarn, one will find a good dose of mystery, suspense, and spooky delight…and that’s all I’m going to reveal. Alexa Williams did a nice job on the cover too. One final thing: this book deserves a five-star rating, but I couldn’t give it one due to a couple of instances of mild-to-mediocre profanity. Some probably won’t mind the colorful language, I’m sure, and that’s fine, everyone is different.

—Review by T.W. Johnson