Captain Phasma

I’ve decided to, at random, begin posting tidbits of “Weird Facts”, however, at times they may instead turn into odd anecdotes.

For starters, though, the obvious just has to be mentioned. The new Star Wars: The Force Awakens character, Captain Phasma, the chrome stormtrooper (played by Gwendoline Christie) that appears briefly in the video below, shares part of my brand name. Now I find that to be a cool, yet weird, coincidence.

A good two and a half to three years ago, I searched the web for ideas to create a unique name for branding purposes and stumbled across the word Phasma, which in ancient Greek means ghost. I played around with the word, then finally tagged fic for fiction on the end, thus creating a new, made-up word: Phasmafic or “Ghost-fiction”, one might say. I intended it as sort of an adjective, though, such as “terrific!”. Yeah, it might seem odd to some, I suppose, but I went with it nonetheless. Sounded nifty and different enough to me at the time.

Also, back when I was designing my logo, I’d even entertained the notion of creating a superhero mascot called—get ready for it—Captain Phasmafic. Now that would’ve been mega-weird, huh?

Well, there you have it: Weird Fact #1—Captain Phasmafic almost existed nearly three years before Captain Phasma.

—Weird Facts by T.W. Johnson