Gateway to Thera by Jeffrey Allen Davis

It’s Like Dungeons & Dragons: The Animated Series

It truly is.

There’ve been many times when sequels were unable to surpass what came before, but that’s just not the case with this. Jeffrey Allen Davis has managed to rev up his ninja stories by adding a huge fantasy element to an already rich, action/adventure series.

If you’re a fan of 80s/90s martial art movies, and/or appreciate classic fantasy tales like Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, or even particular titles from the famous Dungeons & Dragons line, then you’re certain to enjoy Davis’s installment of Gateway to Thera.

—Review by T.W. Johnson


Klandestine Maneuvers by Jeffrey Allen Davis

With a huge cast, deep characterization, a sensitive theme, and a confrontational scenario that has more than likely never been written about until now, Klandestine Maneuvers, the sequel to Jeffrey Allen Davis’s Invasion of the Ninja, delivers another well-placed kick for his continuing Adventure Chronicles. It’s a smorgasbord of clans (er…klans), costumes, and charisma!

—Review by T.W. Johnson

Invasion of the Ninja by Jeffrey Allen Davis

When I was a kid, all cinema experience happened via television, because—for the most part—I lived in the middle of nowhere. During the early 1980s, I became entranced with the world of martial arts, and Saturday morning re-runs of the 1970s TV series, Kung Fu, started that journey for me. Next was the mid-1980s TV series’, The Master, Sidekicks, and then Ohara, which continued to fuel part of my destiny. It wasn’t until 1989, however, at age sixteen, that I graced a movie theatre (for the first time in my life) about thirty miles from my hometown, which just happened to be playing The Karate Kid: Part III (a coincidence, yes), and by then I was already a 1st dan (degree) black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Other than purchasing Black Belt Magazine throughout the 1980s on a regular basis, I never even remembered reading or seeing a fictional book about the martial—arts except for Chuck Norris’ The Secret of Inner Strength: My Story—which was autobiographical, until I bought a copy of Jeffery Allen Davis’ Invasion of the Togakura, published in 2003.

Now, ten years later, the author has re-released his 80s-90s martial art tribute, re-titling it, Invasion of the Ninja: Book One of the Adventure Chronicles, with a great deal more content, and in my opinion, superbly written. If you’re looking for an action-packed story with lots of character depth, and an endless supply of ninja, then look no further.

—Review by T.W. Johnson