Lengthening Shadows by Greg Mitchell

This is a well-crafted, eerie-filled treat, reminiscent of the classic monster genre. That, along with nice pacing, deep, cared for characters, and dark, ambient backdrops make the Lengthening Shadows by Greg Mitchell a must-read before deviling into his Dark Hour installment. Mitchell has poured years of passion into his storytelling, and it shines through. If you’re a fan of TV shows like Supernatural and Grimm (or just a big monster fan, period!), then Mitchell’s The Coming Evil trilogy and connecting material should please plenty. They are gems you don’t want to miss.

—Review by T.W. Johnson


Enemies of the Cross by Greg Mitchell

Greg Mitchell has done it again—more Christian horror for you Christian horror lovers out there. But don’t assume his book is just for Christians, by no means, because you’ll miss out on a truly terrific and terrifying tale. Just when you knew it wasn’t safe to enter the town of Greensboro…everything becomes a whole lot worse. Those poor souls need to open their eyes because the Strange Man is settling into the neighborhood, and he’s bringing a throng with him. Lock your doors and windows, close the curtains and turn on the lights, for a storm is brewing…The Coming Evil.

—Review by T.W. Johnson

Dark Hour by Greg Mitchell

Greg Mitchell’s meticulously written epic has an epic ending. As a world-changing event is about to be set loose on the sleepy town of Greensboro, a small resistance force, led by a former local pastor, frantically prepares for a counteroffensive.

It’s more than rare for me to write a long review. It’s just not my style because I want the whole story to be a surprise for the reader. Nevertheless, there’s a lot one can say about this enduring work of Mitchell’s. Here’s my attempt, though, at summarizing it in a single sentence:

The Coming Evil series is not only a fictional, monster lover’s extravaganza, but also a strong, realistic narrative about life, relationships, sacrifice, and the actual triumph of good against evil.

—Review by T.W. Johnson

Resurrection by Mike Duran

Urban legends, hodgepodge religion, visions, ghosts, demons, warlocks, witches, and curses! Enter a town laden with ceaseless brooding skies, age-old secrets, and antediluvian gods of bloodlust. Did I miss anything? Without a doubt, Mike Duran’s Resurrection is filled to the brim and running over with line after line of the darkest portents. Brace yourself for this American gothic delight.

—Review by T.W. Johnson

The Strange Man by Greg Mitchell

As far as I know, one would be unlikely to find a veritable Bogeyman story suitable for all readers who yearn to be frightened by the macabre. Never fear, Christian HORROR writer (yes, you read correctly), Greg Mitchell has crafted a first-rate suspenseful and terrifying tale. This book is filled with memorable characters, conveys a deep, foreboding atmosphere, and leaves you wanting more. But don’t worry, there’s more on the way…

—Review by T.W. Johnson